A Sheep’s Journey is for young people. It’s here for them to learn the language of design and how to harness their incredibly hard working imaginations.

Working in close cooperation with Saskia Schmidt and teams of enthusiastic workshop assistants, volunteers, teams of social enterprises and teachers, young people will be given a workshop in which they create part of a film that involves building up a story from the theme right through to completing the animation. Each workshop is a new episode in the life of a little white sheep who has gone on an adventure to see every single colour in the world.

We’ll be learning the whole process of creating a piece of a story from start to finish. We’ll first learn a little bit about what animation is and how it works and then we’ll jump right in and start creating our story. After this we can begin to build the set and write the script and roll the cameras!
Having each workshop documented the experiences and the animation films created in the workshops are available to the young people and public online at the website Sheep’ Journey Website.

Offering workshops in animation like Sheep’s Journey Saskia not only supports digital and media literacy. Kids have the chance to create their own story and products and learn how important team work is and can be pround of their work which is presented to a big audience.

Saskia loves combining new technology and educational work as she is convinced that this offers great chances in creative work and learning for young people.

“Children want to be strong, secure, and happy. Their fantasies will tell us what they feel they need to attain that, if we pay attention. But we need to look beyond our adult expectations and interpretations and see them through our children’s eyes. First, we need to begin disentangling the fears and preconceptions that have prevented us from doing so.”

Killing monsters – Why children need fantasy, super heroes, and make-believe violence by Gerard Jones p. 21, copyright 2002