Episode 5: The Silver World

The sheep was strolling happily along when he found a silver statue of a teddy bear. When he touched the statue, a portal appeared and the sheep nervously stepped through. In a flash the sheep was transported into a sea of silver fish. Without warning a hook as big as a tower came and rescued the drowning sheep. At the end of the hook was an arm of a robot pirate.

“We will give you a silver spot if you find three things” the pirate told him. The sheep thought it was unfathomable that the pirates were so nice. “First you must find the glistening silver dog signpost. When you follow the sign you will come across a silver forest. In the tallest tree there will be an old map. On the map, it will have directions to a pole. On the pole there are telephone wires, and on the wires there is a chicken laying a silver egg.”

The sheep found the three things and the Pirate was very pleased. He tried to cook the egg in a frying pan, but unfortunately the sheep slipped in himself! Suddenly the sheep heard an old silver rusty hand descending towards him. The rusty claw carefully picked the shattered sheep that was lying in the sparkling frying pan and then ascended, dropping the little white sheep onto an elevator and away from the silver world…

(written by the Young Pirates)